Don’t tell my friends, they would be appalled

Posted On November 19, 2007

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One of the joys of having kids so far apart is the boys are pretty self sufficient. I woke up this morning for prayers and scriptures but Hannah was hungry so the boys trooped off to get dressed and eat breakfast while I fed her. By the time she was full, I was back to sleep. After waking up and grabbing a LONG overdue shower, I ventured downstairs to see what they ate for breakfast. Oh dear. You are sworn to secrecy on this one. But first, some history.

This summer my friend Heather came over one day. She brought along the fixings for a picnic…including peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. Of course, my kids had never heard of fluff. They were partially aghast that someone would eat (horrors!) sugar on their sandwich. Unfortunately, their loyalty has limits and they were also somewhat entralled.

While the cat is away (mom in the hospital), the mice will play (dad and boys will buy sugar). I came home to witness them eating peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. Ugh! Almost four years of brainwashing washed down their throats with a pound of fluff. So yes, that is my secret. The boys had fluff for breakfast. At least the bread and pb are healthy you say? I’m not convinced it was that well rounded. There is one consolation. Patrick read the ingredients. Apparently fluff is not straight sugar. It also has egg whites and vanilla. Well. Ok then. Fluff away.


One Response to “Don’t tell my friends, they would be appalled”

  1. Care Bear

    first fluff…now mcdonalds?? whats happened to my health nut sister????

    Hope you enjoyed spending the day with the Bridwells. Love you bunches! Miss you more!