Race on over to Topher and Teanucm’s 4th Birthday Party

Posted On December 12, 2007

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The boys celebrated their 4th birthday on Saturday. We had a race car birthday with race car invites (I had to make up several extras for the boys to race), make your own stoplight goodie bags, cupcakes with real cars on top, race car demolition (that’s what happens when you let 10 kids loose with 2 dozen cars and a racetrack), make and decorate sugar cookies (my sources and I couldn’t find a race car cookie cutter…thanks for trying Brookeh!) and even a visit to the neighbor’s Cobra for the BIG boys. It was a smash hit.
Today a friend stopped by and asked about the party and asked Teancum if he was 4 now. “No, we had my birthday party but at my party I was still 3. On December 19th will be my birthday and I will be 4.” It took a bit of explaining (why would you NOT turn 4 if you’re celebrating your 4th birthday?) but he seems to have it down now.
Little Miss Hannah is a social bug. She stayed awake for almost the entire party. See the look on her face? Yes, it was THAT exciting! Poor thing slept the whole next day (lucky mom!).


5 Responses to “Race on over to Topher and Teanucm’s 4th Birthday Party”

  1. Brookeh

    I love Hannah’s face! That is so perfect.

  2. Care Bear

    sounds like you all had a BLAST!! Can’t wait to be there Saturday.

  3. Chris and Holly

    How amazing! I’ll call you Martha. Happy early birthday boys! How darling! And CUTE BOW!!! Never take it off her head. Let her sleep and bathe in it and maybe then when she’s one and “independent” she’ll WANT to wear it.

  4. rockholme lodge

    I gotta say, Topher has it right. Hannah definitely looks super cute and as little as a peanut.

  5. lynne

    Wow, I can’t believe the boys are FOUR! Happy birthday, twins!!

    And Hannah is such a pretty little thing!