Rollin down the River

Posted On December 29, 2007

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Rollin’….rollin’…rollin’ down the Ri-iver. (That’s a song. If you don’t know the tune, call Carrie. I can’t sing.)
So why all the rollin? Because my bitty baby rolled over tonight. No pictures (sorry, camera on the fritz…also the reason I haven’t blogged in 3 weeks). I set her on her stomach on the ground and turned around to sew and Carrie said “Channing, she rolled”. Sure enough, little Hannah was on her back. Amazing little angel.
More pictures soon. Or we will have a camera smashing party and you are welcome to roll on over to join us.


4 Responses to “Rollin down the River”

  1. Brookeh

    That is so fun! I was wondering why it hadn’t been updated. I figured you were busy. I’m excited to see Hanna tomorrow!

  2. Care Bear

    ok…I’ve left. You need to start updating again. I know Hannah is getting bigger and cuter by the day!!!

  3. Chris and Holly

    Hi! My blog backgrounds are digital scrapbooking pages I find free online. We miss you!

  4. Rockholme Lodge

    Hey, I miss my little girl! I trust you’re taking good care of her!!