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Posted On February 11, 2008

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Ok, I really hate these things but I enjoyed reading Holly’s and Patrick wanted to know when I was going to do it. So….
What is his name? Patrick
· How long have you been together? Married for almost 9!
· How long did you date? 2 years, though only one summer and a couple trips in the same time zone.
· How old is he? 39
· Who eats more? If he’s eating healthily then believe it or not, we eat about the same. If he’s not eating healthily, he wins by an Oreo truck.
· Who said I love you first? I don’t remember that part. Probably him.
· Who is taller? If you stand the kids on my shoulders then we are.
· Who can sing better? He’s better at picking out a tune.
· Who is smarter? The kids
· Who does the laundry? Me. All me. But I prefer it that way.
· Who pays the bills? He does because I used to work more hours than him. And we live in Connecticut so we don’t believe in changing what’s always been done.
· Who sleeps on the right side? Patrick
· Who mows the lawn? Depends if I’m pregnant or not. Once we got a riding mower, he took over. But mostly just to go up and down the street with the boys on his lap.
· Who cooks dinner? Teancum!
· Who drives? Patrick is the world’s worst backseat driver. I drove once just to make him mad but otherwise always him.
· Who is more stubborn? Well Shirley it wouldn’t be me!
· Who kissed who first? We don’t do that sort of thing. Gross.
· Who asked who out first? First date was a Red Sox Game. No idea how that happened.
· Who proposed? No one.
· Who is more sensitive? He is. Apparently I don’t have feelings.
· Who has more siblings? Him. 9 kids, 29 grandkids and like 18 great grandkids. His parents are definitely winning. We’re trying to catch up though! Hee hee.
· Who wears the pants? He does. Skirts are too short for him.

Now I’m tagging Mom and Dad. =)


4 Responses to “I was Tagged”

  1. Chris and Holly

    See, it wasn’t so bad! I hate doing them too, but I love reading them. At least when you learn things about people.

  2. Rockholme Lodge

    I guess I need instructions from Holly on what to do, since (I think) Channing has tagged me.

  3. Linda

    For a guy who knows how to text message, I thought you would know. You just answer these same questions on YOUR blog. =)

  4. Rockholme Lodge

    that would mess up my blog!! I sent answers via email.