Shake it Baby

Posted On February 24, 2008

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These pictures were taken a week or two ago. It was the first time she held a rattle in her hand to play with it. The same trick did not work in Relief Society today when I tried to keep her occupied with a tube of lipstick. Maybe it wasn’t her shade.


3 Responses to “Shake it Baby”

  1. Chris and Holly

    What a smart little girl, and with a good grip it seems! I laughed right out loud when I read your title of this post! I updated our family pics on our blog sidebar to include Hannah. Sorry, Little Hannah, that it’s taken so long! Thank you so much for updating your blog regularly! I sure wish we’d had these when the twins were little- I could have seen them do all these cute things too.

  2. Chris and Holly

    The Fitch fam would love to see your blog! Do you mind sending them an invite? Thanks!

  3. Chris and Holly

    Has my little girl missed me? DAD