Posted On March 3, 2008

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Sorry, it’s an outdated photo of Hannah but I discovered a rare picture of me and had to post it – in case I never find another one. Hannah might look a little older now but I still look just as young as I did a month ago. =)


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  1. Care Bear

    is that one i took??

  2. Brookeh

    You are beautiful Channing. Isn’t it great we don’t look older every month like our babies do. Yeah for that.

  3. Rockholme Lodge

    Chan – I guess you must have inherited my genes! Love, DAD

  4. Twinlinebackers

    Carrie – Oh dear. Yes, I guess you did take that picture so it’s more than a month old. I have more to put up but um well….

    Brookeh – You are so sweet. If only I learned as fast as my baby I might settle for looking older. But since I’m not learning new traits quite as fast I go to

    Dad – I guess I did. Thank goodness for that. 30 was sounding old. I’ll start heading back down.

  5. Chris and Holly

    I was curious as to what a wing needle was….so I googled it and found this link. Can I get you this sweet sewing hat to go with your wing needle?

  6. Chris and Holly

    That comment was from Chris if you couldn’t tell. And why did the Canon Rebel make the wish list? I’ve been doing some prelim research on the SLR cameras and was wondering if you got a good recommendation.

  7. Chris and Holly

    That Hannah is ALMOST 6 months old. . .we better be seeing some recent pics of those kiddos sometime soon!!!