The MOM Song

Posted On May 6, 2008

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I know you have all heard the Mom Song sung to the William Tell OVerture. My friend (mom of 6) has it memorized. I think every mom worth her salt should be able to belt it out so I am posting it. Here is a version with the lyrics posted – the sound quality is worse but will help with memorizing – bonus you can even learn Chinese (?). ENJOY torturing your offspring.


4 Responses to “The MOM Song”

  1. Chris and Holly


    The collages are done by using It’s a free Google download that scans your photos (didn’t you already do this?) and lets you make those collages. We’ve chatted about this- so make sure you don’t already have Picasa on your computer somewhere. Then embrase it because it’s great! Select photos, hit “Blog This” and it posts it to your blog without WAITING forever like you do with Blogger to upload a photo.


  2. Chris and Holly

    Oh my gosh, I laughed my head off at this! I love it!

  3. Care Bear

    Very nice! Even I apperciate it…and I’m not a mom!

  4. Rockholme Lodge

    That is a really clever song. Hat’s off to whoever created it! You Moms in the clan should work on singing it. It would make a great entry at some ward talent show.