Diaper laundry soap

Posted On May 8, 2008

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1 55 oz. box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda ($3)
1/2 cup Mule Team Borax ($3)
2 Cups Oxygen Cleaner-She recommends Sun ($5 @ Dollar General)
1/2 cup Simple Green ($2.89)
1/2 cup Calgon Water Softening Powder ($5)

Empty all into a bucket and mix together with your hands. Use 1 heaping scoop (1/8 cup) for diapers, 2 scoops for regular laundry. After we’ve used this for a while some have had to increase to 2 scoops for diapers, 3-4 for regular laundry… Cost – $5.62 / 72 (diaper loads per batch) = $.078 or 7 3/4 cents /load

Why this soap is so good –
Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate)- Strong enough to actually change organic compounds (pee & poo) and keeps them suspended in the water so they can easily be washed away. It is a naturally occurring compound free from enzymes, dyes, and perfumes, and is the main ingredient in most powdered laundry detergents.

Calgon – Softens water and, therefore, prohibits buildup of minerals on fabrics that is common in hard water. If you have especially hard water, you may need to add some Calgon Water Softener to each load (1/3 of what it says on the package)

Borax – whitens and brightens without phosphates and enzymes. Borax is too harsh, both to fabric and sensitive skin to be used in large amounts, and tends to not rinse out well. Less is more with Borax in laundry. (makes and excellent household cleaner, though)

Oxygen Cleaner – stain remover and whitener. Oxygen cleaners do not react well with extremely hard water and will add to scum build up. If you have extremely hard water, as noted above, add additional water softener.

Simple Green – Provides the necessary surfactants-to lessen the water tension and allow the detergent to become a part of the water and actually get into the clothes. I’m not sure if I understand that, but I’ll take her word for it.