Your wish, my command

Posted On May 9, 2008

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Ok, my dear family and all others impatiently wondering how cute my kids are lately.
We bought a new camera and are now capable of taking, downloading and posting pictures.
Here is my angel.

***Aunt Holly, you asked about cameras. The Canon Rebel XTI was on our wishlist because it is Dan’s pick as best value for the money. We have borrowed his several times and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It takes pictures incredibly fast ~ a dozen a second or something ridiculous like that. The price has dropped a lot in the past two years since we started coveting it; however, it’s still way too much for us so we settled for the Nikon Cool Pix S550. So far I am extremely pleased with the pictures. The shutter delay is decent and it is nice and compact, which the Rebel isn’t.


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  1. Care Bear

    I still can’t believe how big hannah is getting. and those boys. Hate to break it to you…but you’re letting them grow up. Just like you did to me. See you in a week!!