Lots of pictures come to those who wait

Posted On June 1, 2008

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At long last ~~~ Some pictures of us!
We are home and settled from our vacation.
So here is the modern version of making you watch 8 hrs of slides.
Grab some popcorn and enjoy your vacation vicariously.

First stop, Schissels. The boys played baseball, Hannah thought about crawling, Chris Schissel found a new girlfriend and we went to the beach. Yes, those are rakes in our hands at the beach. Thanks a lot Dad. Julie played the payback game. Somehow all the yard work you made her do was MY fault.

Mom with her girl on Mother’s Day.The boys cooked up a storm. We moms enjoyed a fabulous breakfast of bacon, eggs and popovers.

Next event: A train ride to see the Mets vs Reds at Shae Stadium

As the boys informed everyone we met over the next two weeks, the Mets won. We have a family deal. The last MLB game determines our favorite team. We took the boys to their first game in Pittsburgh when they were 9 months old. The Pirates had almost 4 years at first but have now been replaced by the Mets, our new favorite team. The boys got hats that have barely left their heads and will exuberantly tell you all the details. As parents we have kept up our tradition of indoctrinating our children with sports. Hannah thoroughly enjoyed her first game. She was the only one not cold. I hear it is 90 in Florida…

The train ride back home:

We were only at their house about 48 hours but we felt like we had a week’s vacation. Thanks for an awesome visit Schissels! Come see us. And for those of you dying for more pictures ~ stay tuned. You get the next 48 hrs in the next post.


3 Responses to “Lots of pictures come to those who wait”

  1. jules11575

    Great pics Channing! It seems like so long ago- it was a great weekend though. FYI- the only picture coming up are the first set from the beach park. I’m looking forward to the rest:)

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Oh dear, I’m not sure what happened. They were in there before. I think I have it all back how I had it before. Stay tuned for the next chapter….

  3. Rockholme Lodge

    Several comments:
    1. I can understand rooting for the last team you saw, but the METS?????????
    2. All that yard work everyone did when you were younger probably explains most of the finer aspects of your character today.
    3. I’m sure Hannah’s constant smile is a result of watching her Bahpah hold her in one hand and a can of cherry nectar in the other during those very early formative days of her life.
    4. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them!