Imagine Dad wanting to see airplanes!

Posted On June 5, 2008

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Mom: Tell me about the Airshow you saw when we visited Uncle Billy.
Tackler: Yeah, it was fun. It had a jet engine. I don’t know what all the planes are called. We saw a P51D Mustang and a Corsair and the Geico. The Geico was the fastest airplane there. The little airplanes fly by theirselves. The big planes fly with a pilot. The little planes ~ you spin the propellers and they go on the runway and they fly up. There was a jet pickup truck. It puts out fire and it raced. (Looking at the pictures I am posting): Those are the planes we saw there! And we saw the jet helicopters. See the jet helipcopters? The yellow airplane landed on the pickup truck. Oh, and there’s the P51 Mustang. (According to my little brainwashed expert, it’s the bottom right picture in the pile above).

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2 Responses to “Imagine Dad wanting to see airplanes!”

  1. emma jo

    I just wouldn’t even know where to start with boys…its a good thing we know a lot of little boy friends and nephews that are so cute!!
    Thanks for playing!

  2. Brookeh

    For your information, only one of my friends here has been able to say hi to me and that was only for a few minutes. I’ve been trying to get a lot of schoolwork done these past two weeks. Are you proud of me? Maybe not, but I’m flattered that you miss me. I miss you too! I love seeing the pictures of you and your family. Did you get my email?