Dad joined a softball team and now the boys are obsessed

Posted On June 13, 2008

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See Dad play baseball with the boys.

See Tackler up to bat.

See Tackler hit the ball.

See Tackler run the bases.

See Prince up to bat. Prince hits the ball hard.

See Prince run the bases.
See Tackler tackle Prince between third and home.
See Prince get up and get tackled again at home plate.

See where Tackler gets his name.
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2 Responses to “Dad joined a softball team and now the boys are obsessed”

  1. Brookeh

    I love the nicknames they are perfect! You are pretty good at that. Got any for my girls? Hannah laughing is so stinkin cute! I love it.
    So funny story, I just have to tell you. We got invited over to a neighbors house for a BBQ tomorrow. When I asked what to bring she said a salad of some kind. When I asked what kind she said either pasta, lettuce or jello. We decided that I should do Jello salad and I was laughing inside, because I could just picture your face in response to that. I guess I am officially welcomed to Utah. 😀

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Oh fun! A jello party! Did you take my specialty~the Orange Delight with ground beef and carrots in orange jello? It’s fantastic! =)

    Nicknames huh? You might kill me if I tell you the first nickname that pooped into my head. Let see – how about Giggles and Cherub? I’ll keep thinking.