Back on Vacation

Posted On June 15, 2008

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Pardon the diversion ~ we are back to our vacation.
Mom and Pretty Girl spent a lot of time just enjoying each other’s fabulous company.

Dad and the boys joined Care Bear and Pookie at the Animal Kingdom. The boys met Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket. When they got home they used sign language to tell mom all the animals they saw on the Kilimanjaro Safari. Prince got completely soaked on the Kali River Rapids but both maintain it was their favorite ride.

Dad and the kids wrestling on the floor. It looks like Pretty Girl is winning. She LOVES Prince’s hair. Even before she was crawling she would smile when she saw him and wriggle over to him to give his hair a good yank. She pulls his hair more than Tackler’s or even mine.

Don’t those eyes just pierce you? Ah, what precious gems. Can you tell we are having the time of our lives and never want to go home? What’s that Prince? THIS is our home? Oh yes, Prince has been telling us since we left LAST May that Florida is our real home. None of us can figure out why we keep heading back north.

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