In my pretty garden

Posted On June 15, 2008

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The weather was ferocious on Monday and Tuesday this week. We spent those days at air conditioned houses and at the beach with some friends who are moving into a house right on the water. I asked if we could live with them but they didn’t think I was serious. =>

Wednesday the heat broke and took us back to comfortable. We spent the rest of the week outside all day every day. The boys have taken to telling me what a “Beautiful day” it is and chastising me for wasting it when I sit inside trying to post the rest of our vacation pictures (so blame them not me).

I was able to catch up on some desperately needed gardening. The boys are perfecting their baseball skills (you should see Tackler throw a ball in the air and catch it. PG laughs hysterically with every throw). And Pretty Girl has learned she loves to nap outside. What a week!

Here is Pretty Girl in my favorite purple dress with her arms stretched upward ~ her new pose. I don’t know why she does it but when I tell her she is So Big, she laughs like that was exactly the point she was trying to make. She reminds me of Woody from Toy Story saying “Reeeach for the Skyyyy” so that is what I say when she does it. I can almost get her to reach when I say it.

And here she is showing off her standing ability. Not only does she crawl across a room and pull to a stand but she now lets go and stands on her own for a millisecond before slowly falling. Here she is balancing with the aid of one finger. It take some work to get her to sit on the floor because she would rather stand than sit.

She has hit one of those imbalance points – she is frustrated that she cannot walk yet and it has made her a tad grumpy. And by that I mean, she cried once this week. I’ve never met a baby quite as happy and smiley.

I think she is here to revolutionize this state. Whenever I find myself thinking how unfriendly the people are here, I find her flirting away and making friends. People talk to me because she talks to them first.


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    I believed you as much as you meant it šŸ™‚