The swimming portion of our trip

Posted On June 16, 2008

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The boys jumped right back in the water. Of course, it felt like bath water – I love Disney. They are not swimming like they did when they were little ~ curses on living in a cold climate and no backyard pool ~ but they made several friends and spent most of their pool hours jumping off the side. I wish I could get them into the deeper water without fear but at least they worked on swimming in the shallow.
I was a little more timid with Pretty girl at 6 months than I had been with the twins at 17 months. They enjoyed the game of swimming from one person to another, whereas all she really wants is mom to hold her. If that requires a little splashing, bubble blowing and underwater enduring, then so be it. The bystanders were amazed at her ability, or rather willingness, to sit on the side (like you see in the bottom right photo) and hop into and under the water. We worked on floating, which she detests, and holding onto the side wall (which you can also see in the pix). She could hold on an amazingly long time …long enough for me to get the camera and snap several pictures and put the camera away. Eventually she would get tired and try to reach for me with one hand.

After the pool we dechlorined in the whirlpool big enough for all 5 of us (the 4 you see here plus CareBear). That fun usually gave us another 45 minutes of water fun. We were a clean bunch on this trip.

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  1. Valerie

    What BEAUTIFUL kids you have! That looks like so much fun!