I nearly forgot…

Posted On June 24, 2008

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I had promised to tell you the most recent excitement around here. A week ago I found Pretty Girl on the 2nd stair headed upstairs. She just hung out there not really sure whether to go up or how to get down. A couple days later I found her on the 3rd step. On Saturday I was in the kitchen and heard her calling me so I went to find her. UPSTAIRS. She had climbed all the way up the stairs. Thankfully she was smart enough to call instead of find her way back down since we have not worked on going down stairs at all yet.

She did it again yesterday. Yikes! She’s too good.

I also got her to say Hannah. Ok, so it wasn’t exactly crystal clear but it has a distinct H sound. In her first week of life her surrogate grandmother told her “You look like Tackler but you sound like Prince”. I think she was right. We have another talker in our midst.


3 Responses to “I nearly forgot…”

  1. emma jo

    Yikes, stairs are scary things for babies but its a happy and sad day when they master them…almost as happy sad as the day that they figure out doorknobs!

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Oh dear, doorknobs? Along with those come electical outlets, knife drawers, toilets, toilet paper. Poor Emily had to ask where we hide the toilet paper. Bad things happen when tp is left out. Maybe the boys would be ok now but we are so used to it being hidden, we will just leave it there for Pretty Girl to not find.

  3. Charlotte

    I have found may rolls of paper in the toilet and even more rolled across the floor. Matthew still doesn’t say his own name, so she will probably being passing him in no time!