Baby in Bloom

Posted On July 8, 2008

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My baby bud quilt blocks are finished. Now I just have to wait until my 8 friends are finished with their blocks so I can put the whole thing together. I am so pleased with how these blocks turned out. I excited to see them in our quilts!

Remember how I was complaining about not having enough hobbies to fill my time? Well, I found a new obsession. Goodbye bon bons and soap operas. Hello making my own paper!

Two years ago for my birthday my mom gave me a paper making kit which sat gathering guilt until this week. The kids and I pulled it out and gave it a go. The kitchen was a royal mess with tiny shreds of paper everywhere. My only bucket big enough was also big enough for my 3 kids. They started out helpfully swirling the water and ended up bathing with the paper.

They made it look so fun the baby decided to hop in. My shredder pile had a couple credit cards ~ how two credit cards can find their way into so many batches is beyond me. I was surprised at the end of the day to find we had only made 4 pieces. I probably dunked and lifted several dozen times. When I didn’t find a credit card piece to pull out I got an 8 month old hand.
We had fun and can’t wait to try again. Incoming mail is more fun – all those pretty colors! It’s not just junk mail anymore. Hurray for new obsessions.

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  1. Nettie

    I tried making paper once and was not nearly as successful. Your blocks turned out nicely! I hope you post a picture of the finished quilt when you are done.