Too busy to post all our fun

Posted On July 8, 2008

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I have drafted several posts in my head but it has taken me all week to finally sit and the computer to upload all our fun. We had another lovely day at the beach with friends. That is me walking back from the sandbar where I was “watching” 10 or so kids. Isn’t this beach the most beautiful place ever? The top left picture shows the sandbar at high tide. You can walk almost to that boat. And do you notice? Blue skies! Well, one picture this week had a blue sky.
Dad has been busy. As if riding his bike 11.4 miles to work and 11.4 miles back was not enough excitement, he joined his friend on a ride up a mountain. See the sweat? See the view? He wants me to get in shape and join him. I guess I better figure out where my shoes are.

Washing dishes? Nope! They are stirring paper. My friend called this week’s fun “very homeschoolish”. Why thank you. We had a blast!

Yes, it was a long week for everyone. Almost every day you can find daddy and daughter in the recliner taking their siesta together. Do they look worn out? Or just comfy?Posted by Picasa


3 Responses to “Too busy to post all our fun”

  1. Rockholme Lodge

    A Connecticut beach scene with a blue sky. Ahhh, the wonders of modern day picture manipulation!

  2. Charlotte

    That was a great day at the beach you should come again this week. I have always wanted to make paper, but have never quite followed through and tried! And you get the most comfy when you are worn out, it is just getting up from the nap that is painful!

  3. emma jo

    This summer HAS been pretty fun. Their beach is the coolest. And homemade paper? You guys are too cool.