Call me a bag lady

Posted On July 13, 2008

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Our most pressing item on the sewing table this week is new diapers. Second most pressing is the last 8 stitches of my tshirt quilt. Third would be anything at all in the unfinished project basket. So which did I choose? A whole new project of course.

We have a problem with library books. Such a problem in fact that I quit going. Ok, it’s also all the way across town. However, we now have a friend with a beach AND dad’s softball games which are worth going across town for so we’ve started going back to the library. And we need to stop having a problem with library books. Besides I think the kids will enjoy the summer reading program. (And lest you think I’m a bad mom, giving up the library isn’t the same as giving up reading. Since I am book obsessed, we have enough books here to fill our old little town library).

This is our new library backpack. The little bear on the back is a pocket for our library receipts. All books and summer reading club paraphenalia belong IN the bag at all times. Here’s the problem – the boys are SO entralled with the backpack, they keep trying to use it for other things. Now I’m on the hook for making them Mets backpacks just like this one. They asked me ALL day yesterday if I had finished their backpacks yet. What about MY projects?

And my other project this week? When my sister visited earlier this year my mom and I taught her how to make a totebag. A HUGE totebag. My 5′ tall mom was sure I couldn’t carry a bag so large and I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I needed it so large. All I knew was I was always finding my bag not quite big enough. So they complied and my dear sister made a bag big enough to stuff all 3 kids simultaneously. And guess what? I found a use for it at least weekly.

…Until we left my kayak at my friend’s house along with my huge bag holding all the lifejackets. Oh how I have missed my gargantuan bag. I have been seen around town toting 3 kids and 5 bags. So I am making a new one. Above is the material in progress. When I am finished (just needs handles) it will go immediately into service so I won’t promise a picture. Just know ~ It’s big, it’s green, and if you can’t find me I might be hiding in it reading my new library book.

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3 Responses to “Call me a bag lady”

  1. Charlotte

    For heaven’s sake, I will put the lifejackets somewhere and give you back your bag!! I have ten million bags and such lying around here (I have a whole closet of backpacks, I think I might have a problem). Elise loves to make little totes and stuff. I am beginning to wonder if she is really your daughter.

  2. lynne

    SO CUTE! I love that!! (kids, and project!)

  3. Twinlinebackers

    If you ever decide to get rid of her, let me know. I’d love a prodigy!