City Slickers

Posted On July 18, 2008

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  1. Charlotte

    I love her laughing! It was funny to watch her brothers entertaining her for so long, too. Sorry about that little angel, we are working on the pushing. At least he still hasn’t figured out about the hard club he is carrying on his arm for 2 more weeks!

  2. Rockholme Lodge

    Okay, technically speaking, that’s not exactly your backyard. In fact that scene isn’t even taken in the general direction of your backyard! Exactly how many cars did you pass getting from your backyard to the site of that picture?? How much asphalt did you have to traverse to get there??

    Alright, I’ll admit it’s a cool picture. And I also admit I am looking forward to visiting your URBAN environment sometime later this year. Keep those swans chained up. Maybe I’ll take one home with me. It would be the perfect addition for my creek.

  3. Rockholme Lodge

    Hannah really is a sweet, joyful spirit.

  4. Twinlinebackers

    I knew you would object on that point. No, it isn’t MY backyard but it is my friend’s backyard and it’s for sale so if you would front me $1M it could be MY backyard. You don’t have swans in the backyard of a friend’s house for sale that YOU covet. So there.

  5. My Full Hands

    It was worth the effort to get that darling laugh on the blog. I Love Love Love it when my children make each other laugh!

  6. Rockholme Lodge

    Is that truly the backyard? If so, that is great! I love Camelotand have no interest leaving it, but I do miss the ocean.
    If you could live on the water, would you still want to leave CT?

  7. Charlotte

    That is truly my backyard. Leaving this house when the lease is up will be a terrible thing (it is amazing how quickly you get used to waking up to an ocean view)

  8. Twinlinebackers

    If I could afford Charlotte’s house, I would have a very hard time leaving Connecticut. Visiting her backyard has MADE my summer (as you can tell by every 3rd post) so no, I don’t think I would want to leave.

  9. Rockholme Lodge

    Charlotte – I know exactly what you mean about waking up to the ocean view every morning. I assume Channing has told you about our house in Seattle. I still break out in goose bumps whenever I think of the views we enjoyed while living there.

    Treasure every minute of your stay!