Reading List

Adventures of Beowulf
Aesop’s Fables (6-9 yrs)
Alice in Wonderland, Carroll (6-9 yrs)
Andersen’s Fairy Tales (6-9 yrs)
The Battle of the Books, Boswelel (17-18 yrs)
Charles Dickens’ novels (9-11 yrs)
Citizens of the World, Goldsmith (15-18 yrs)
Coming of Arthur, Malory
David Copperfield, Dickens (6-9 yrs)
Discoverer of the North Cape, Longfellow
Essay on Burns, Carleyle (15-18 yrs)
Essay on Man, Pope (15-18 yrs)
Essays on Goldsmith, Macaulay (17-18 yrs)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales (6-9 yrs)
Gulliver’s Travels, Swift (9-11 yrs)
The Heroes of Asgard, Keary (9-11 yrs)
History of English Literature (12-14 yrs)
Jessamy Bride, Frankfort Moore (15-18 yrs)
Just So Stories, Kipling (6-9 yrs)
Kidnapped, Stevenson (9-11 yrs)
Little Duke, Lang
Mrs. Gatty’s Parables from Nature (6-9 yrs)
Pilgrim’s Progress, Bunyan (6-9 yrs)
Rob Roy, Sir Walter Scott
Robinson Crusoe, DaFoe (7-8 yrs)
Saga of King Olaf, Longfellow
Shakespeare’s histories (12-14 yrs)
Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (9-11 yrs)
She stoops to Conquer (a play) (17-18 yrs)
Tales from Shakespeare, The Lambs (6-9 yrs)
Tales of Troy and Greece, Andrew Lang (6-9 yrs)
Tanglewood Tales, Hawthorne (7-8 yrs)
The Virginians, Thackeray (15-18 yrs)
Walter Scott’s Rob Roy (9-11 yrs)
Water Babies, Kipling (6-9 yrs)