And skies are not sunny all day

Posted On July 25, 2008

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After my last blog I couldn’t stop singing Home on the Range. The boys and I took our first family bike ride. They are now fast enough that it makes sense for me to take my bike instead of walking and pushing them and a stroller. Dad got home just in time so we left him with a sleeping baby and rode into the sunset. We heard distant thunder but rain did not seem imminent so we kept riding. Thankfully I never tried pursuing a career in meteorology because we got wet. It only poured a short time and allowed us to race home ~ me singing Home on the range the whole way. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and skies are not sunny all day. Sing with me now…. Just as we got the bikes in the garage the skies opened and it poured on and off for the next 2 days.

Ok, I admit it, we went to the beach again. See how dark and gloomy it is in the top left picture? That was pretty accurate. We spent an hour sunning on the sand but never touched the water and spent the rest of the afternoon huddled under towels – or sweatshirts for those of us (not me) smart enough to bring warmer clothes. The kids have taken to climbing on the rocks ~ I love this picture of all these little kids crawling around the sign warning of danger. We are such overprotective mothers.This is my friend taking some creative pictures (isn’t she the essence of summer on the beach?), one of which you can see here. All I ever do is snap a picture., but she sets them up cute. Which is why she has such cute pictures on her blog.

These are the diehards. While everyone else was chattering (ok, it wasn’t THAT cold), these two were still down at the beach ~ digging in the sand and splashing in the water.

And finding Jelly fish. Thankfully they know enough to leave them alone!

See how cold it was? We even had to borrow a sweatshirt to cover those bare arms. She looks like she’s wearing her boyfriend’s sweatshirt…which she kind of is. (Remember the cherub?).
I thought it was pretty cute.
To hear more details of our day feel free to wander here. She detailed it nicely so why should I? Apparently there ARE benefits to taking 3 days to post!
How often do you find a friend willing to have 14 kids and 6 adults over for dinner without batting an eye? It didn’t occur to me that it was insane until I started counting. THAT many people and everyone seems to like each other.

Here is our super cool mail lady. She greets the kids by name, brings them coloring pages and personal notes, and adds one cent stamps to letters when people forget about rates increases.

Inspired by my friends who seem to accomplish so much, I decided to get busy today. I cleared off the kitchen windowsill which seems to be a holding spot for all things broken. I studied the microwave. I can’t stand things that get gunky and the vent above the microwave is on that list. I have tackled it numerous times with a q-tip but it doesn’t do it justice.

Today I finally figured out how to take it apart and attacked it with a vengeance. It attacked back. While my sliced hand heals I was able to write this post. Now my kids are cranky, my microwave is in pieces and the kitchen is only half clean. We are headed out for another bike ride and hopefully I can get the house in order before I need to post more pictures.
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7 Responses to “And skies are not sunny all day”

  1. Charlotte

    Did I get the kid count wrong? Oops. Good thing there was a statistics person around 😉 I didn’t even try to go outside on the days it rained. Afraid random lightening would strike me down if I did.

  2. Twinlinebackers

    You should stop listening to me when I spout off numbers. You copied my original count which forgot Sadie. She is too cute and too helpful with the babies to forget!

  3. Jenn G.

    Hi Channing,
    The most important thing at the end of the day will be the bike ride with your children. 🙂
    The beach looks so fun! We need to come visit the great NE.

  4. Twinlinebackers

    Well then I’m glad to report we made it on our bike ride! My friend will likely be leaving their oasis in June 2009 so come soon. Of course there are other beaches (I suppose) so you are welcome any time at all. We love visitors.

  5. emma jo

    I am really really impressed…cleaning the microwave with a q tip? Ooh, the attention to details gives me chills. Your mail lady seems super nice…I keep trying to remind mine (nicely) to only leave mail that actually goes to the people that live here. You’ve got lots of great photos!

  6. Rockholme Lodge

    Charlotte – Channing can only handle numbers if they are either in the middle of a spreadsheet or are somehow attached to a formula with at least two unknowns. Simple math has NEVER been her forte!

  7. Rockholme Lodge

    Channing – It certainly looks like you’re getting a chance to enjoy your summer. That’s great!! Connecticut, especially along the Sound really is a beautiful place.