Foreign Language

First: Learn the words oralloy
Second: Learn to read and write
Third: Learn grammar

Best to learn from native speakers 3 hrs a week. Second best, use an audio program.

Start young with simple words for objects around the room. They can pick up about 6 a day.

Play lotto by having pictures of household objects in front of them. The parent reads a list of words in the language and they turn over the picture as they hear the word. The first to black out wins. (Or figure out a variation using play size objects such as a doll’s chair etc)

Second (7-12 yrs):
Begin learning to read by having you help them translate a little passage. They reread it in the language and then narrate it.

Can also learn Latin the same way but concentrate more on grammar, syntax, and style.

When children grew older they added 40 French phrases every 60 school days.
9-14 yr olds should be speak and understand French and be able to read an easy French book. Also German and Latin.
By 14 yrs old, they studied the History and literature of France, Germany and England equally. Essays on history were written in the corresponding language.
Spelling taught in foreign language the same as in English.

Source: A Charlotte Mason Education; A Home Schooling How To Manual by Catherine Levison