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Wait until the child is at least 10 yrs old and he has practice with narration before beginning grammar. Simply Grammar by Karen Andreola is a summary of all CM’s writings on grammar which are spread throughout the series. The book teaches one concept at a time.

Sit on the couch for 15 minutes and go through the book orally together.

First Grammar Lessons aka Simply Grammar by Charlotte Mason
Short English Grammar by Meiklejohn

Source: A Charlotte Mason Education; A Home Schooling How To Manual by Catherine Levison


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  1. azizmoummou

    First,I envy your children for having such an adorable caring mum.
    Second,Going with the wind isn’t always boring,but sometimes we have to refuse bowing.
    For me a peaceful woman eating bonbons is worth a bow.
    Third and most important,I’m a young teacher of English in Morocco.I always find difficulties teaching grammar.I think this is one of the toughest items in language learning.
    Your words incited me and I considered them as an invitation.I hope you accept mine as an invitation too and write to me.
    I will certainly link your blog.