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Posted On July 31, 2008

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Before I interrupted his life, Dad used to be a huge softball player. He played on a lot of competitive leagues and routinely hit the ball out of the park. The summer we started dating he decided he’d rather spend time with me than play ball and that was his last season….until this summer. After 11 years away, he decided to join the town league with some friends from work.
The boys and I have loved going to his games. Reminescent of all the games I attended as a kid supporting my brother, I love the feel of a ball game. Since this is the world’s friendliest state I mostly sat alone but I still loved watching him play.
The boys split their time between running around….
and watching intently.
He was determined to hit the ball out of the park (something that has never been done on this field); however, he happened to join the town’s worst team. The innings fly by with occasionally more than 3 at bats per inning. With all that practice, the rust has not fallen away as quickly as he might have hoped.
Here he is on base – after being walked there – and then quickly back in the dugout. He made some spectacular saves in the outfield that helped the team achieve their first victory (in several seasons).
As I mentioned before, this fling with softball has turned the boys into huge baseball and softball fans but after this spectacular season, he will be hanging his bat back on the wall. He has now decided he prefers spending time with his golf clubs to softball so we have come full circle. Well sort of. I think I got lost in the equation but my dear 4 yr old Prince keeps me included with his continued golf lessons. Pardon me while I find my bike and a trail somewhere.


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  1. My Full Hands

    A softball game is a great way to spend a summer evening. And about hanging up the bat — at least he gave it one more try so he won’t have any regrets!