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Posted On July 31, 2008

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I finally reloaded all the pictures so hopefully you can see them now!

I was tagged by a dear chocoholic friend whom I met several years ago here. She was one of the first to introduce me to blogging though it obviously didn’t catch until just recently. I love this tag because a picture tells such a better story. With this tag you’re supposed to take the following 10 pictures without any prep or cleanup. Just point and shoot.

She caught me in a week of stupor. I was a bit of a busy bored bum so it took me a good week to feel up to snapping pictures and because when I procrastinate something it seems harder, it took me another week to post them. Finally Cocoa, here is my Photo Memoir:

1. Dream Vacation

I guess my dream vacation is the one I take almost every year. Me and the kids in a pool is my idea of heaven. My real dream vacation is biking (or if I’m really dreaming horseback riding) across Europe but I do not have any pictures because it hasn’t happened in this lifetime so you’ll have to settle for a picture of my second favorite vacation. I’m working on turning it into my whole life instead of just a couple weeks a year.

2. Self – Portrait
Since no one will take a picture of me I keep trying to take a picture of myself and those turn out so incredibly awful that I refuse to put one on my post and make you think I’m ugly. So you’ll have to settle for one of the few good pictures we actually have of me. I pondered the self portrait concept for the past couple weeks. I considered drawing myself but that would be about as awful as a self photo. I even considered a pieced likeness in the form of a quilt but seriously, how long do you think that would take to post a picture of, assuming I ever actually got around to doing it?

3. What are my kids doing right nowSleeping and playing happily together….and that’s why I finally got around to snapping the pictures. When I walked into the room of legos the boys showed me they had created lego cameras. Good thing I wasn’t doing anything bad if they are going to copy me so completely!

4. My closetThere is a small full height portion on the right but because my 6’4″ husband can’t even crawl in this portion on his hands and knees, all this glorious hanging space is mine, though I share it parts of it with the kids (but that’s a whole different post). The bookcase is there because I don’t have room elsewhere for all my books but I want to put a comfy little chair in that corner and make this my own private sanctuary.

5. My favorite room

My sewing room. The desk is full of about 5 projects and the floor is covered with a diaper in progress.

6. My favorite shoes

My very favorite show is the one on the right but if I have to wear shoes (which I never did even in snow until I married my dirt phobic husband), I LOVE these sassy pink heels.

7. My laundry/mud room

Ugh. The only plus is the laundry chute which is a wonderful wonderful contraption. However, I dream of having a laundry room on the bedroom floor. While dream house hunting recently it rose to the top of my list. Every time I gushed over finding it on the right floor my husband would shrug and say “I could take it or leave it”. Of course he doesn’t care. When was the last time HE lugged a laundry basket up two flights of stairs and carried a baby up and down stairs 4 times a day to do one load of laundry? humph. I could take or leave a few things ….. nevermind, on to…

8. Guest bathroom

The plants I was patiently killing belong on a shelf high above that mirror but are down for their semiannual watering. This bathroom used to be royal blue. The counters, the cupboards, all screaming blue. Our dear dear friends who owned this house before us covered the blue with white and beige. And they covered the orange in the kitchen with black and white. Bless their hearts. They also installed the world’s best

9. Kitchen sink

I adore this sink. I will replace every sink I ever own with one just like this one. I have never met a kitchen sink that didn’t look dirty even when it was clean. This one looks clean even when it’s dirty. I would marry this sink. Kiss it at minimum.

10. Fridge

I really can’t stand a side by side. Put in 3 things and it’s chock full. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to learn about me from my fridge. The juice is kind of an anomaly since my kids are deprived but you might enjoy noticed the 3 cartons of 18 egg. That’s a full week’s supply.

I hope you enjoyed the little trip through my house and life. Now I’m tagging anyone willing to share and specifically Emily, Jenn, Jeannie, Lynne, Holly, Charlotte and my Dad. Pretty please leave a comment to let me know you got the tag because I don’t know if y’all actually wander over here.


12 Responses to “Tell me an ILLUSTRATED story”

  1. Charlotte

    I couldn’t get the pictures to come up right. Maybe I will give this tag the old college try. Maybe 😉

  2. Cocoa

    Hmmmm, I can’t seem to see the pictures either. You gave good descriptions though!

  3. Twinlinebackers

    You have to see the pictures ~ I spent WAY too long on this! Are you waiting a while? It takes a minute on my computer to bring them all up. Can anyone see them?

  4. Roemmele Family

    I actually came over here to see what the tag was all about and I can not see the photos. I have a hard time seeing some of your pics/video on the other site as well. I thought it was just my computer. Right now the pictures above are little white squares with red “x” through them.

  5. Rockholme Lodge

    Sorry, kiddo. The pictures didn’t come thru here either.

    I’d be happy to answer your tag, but my hotel room lacks a guest bath, kitchen sink, and refrigerator. I could take a picture of the laundry room down the hall, but it really isn’t me. Besides, I don’t have a camera here.

  6. Rockholme Lodge

    Stupid question time —- Just in case I ever get home (and find a camera), exactly where am I supposed to answer your tag????

  7. Charlotte

    I went to take the pictures. I kid you not, when I went to snap the pictures of me my camera turned itself off (its says I need to change the batteries, but I think it is just toying with me). I am incapable of getting a picture of myself. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

    And still no pictures. Maybe you could try reloading them?

  8. Jenn G.

    Hi Channing,
    I venture here all the time to see your fun projects and comments….I can’t see the photos either. You need to show me yours before I show you mine. 🙂
    jenn g

  9. Jenn G.

    I will put the posting on my personal blog… Look there for the photos. :-)This will be fun.

  10. Twinlinebackers

    Sorry I didn’t respond. Dad, you are right to respond on your blog. THanks for responding! Jenn, I will go check out your blog. I haven’t seen any rooms in your house in almost a decade and another half decade since I got a more intimate look than one night so I’m excited to see!

  11. Brookeh

    You are so cute. I love your sink as well. Hmm, someday I will have one.

  12. Chocolate on my Cranium

    I can see all the pictures now! What a fun peek into your life and home you’ve given us.