Check out my wheels!

Posted On August 1, 2008

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We had a ward party on Friday. Of course Dad and our one car were at work so we resorted to our usual mode of transportation. I actually wasn’t positive there was a ward party so I just told the boys we were going for a walk and we happened to go to the church. Now they keep asking to walk to the church to see if there is a party there. We were the hit of the party ~ well for the under 6 crowd ~ it was an outdoor picnic and we brought two bikes for entertainment.

It was a rather warm night but by the time we headed home the bugs were looking for a snack so I kept my little snack bundled in her sling on the way home.

One day while we were walking we stopped to talk to a woman with a delightful rose garden and fish pond. She let the boys feed the fish – goldfish the size of large mouth bass – and invited us to return anytime.

The boys wanted to take her up on her offer this week and we caught her eating dinner in her pajamas but she was very gracious and let us feed the fish anyway.

We spent a few minutes enjoying her garden sanctuary while I considered the implications of Frankenmom, then headed home to try with all my might to become her.

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2 Responses to “Check out my wheels!”

  1. Charlotte

    I used to walk to Peter’s school all the time (about a mile down the road) with two kids in tow. It was a small town and there were several people you recognized as “the walkers”. The woman who pushed her dog in a wheel chair, the man who punched the air like he was boxing as he walked, and the crazy wife of the medical student pushing a 2 year old in an umbrella stroller with her 4 year old standing on the crossbars behind the stoller all while pregnant with #3.

  2. Jenn G.

    HI Channing,
    I need your email address…
    I saw in the paper today an ad for a iRobot giveaway at, I’m not sure what it is, but you can check it out.
    Jenn G.