Posted On August 11, 2008

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Prince drew this picture of our next door neighbor’s house. On the right is a walkway. On the left is a dingy. If you heard how often a dingy is mentioned in our house these days, you wouldn’t be surprised to see it as a crucial architectural detail.

This is my most mobile sleeper. Why bother with a bed?

Prince crawled into the jogger with the rain cover still on, completely wrapped in a jean quilt. He said he was tired and wanted a nap. This is the kid who was replaced by the baby. Technically the oldest but still wants to be mom’s baby.

This little one has been teetering on the edge of walking for 3 weeks now. I glanced over and realized she was not holding on to the cupboard door. I ran to get the camera but when I came back she was holding on again. Of course she wouldn’t let go for the camera but the kid can stand on her own for a very long time.

And here she is proving her genetic makeup. She might not look like my twin as much as Tackler does but if this doesn’t prove she’s mine, nothing can. This her second trip up the back wall of the chair. Her first attempt took a bit longer but was sure fun to watch. Mom had to run for the camera and make her do it again.


9 Responses to “Smattering”

  1. Care Bear

    I don’t see the relation at all! 😉 ok…totall kidding. mom’s shown me pictures. what are you doing channing? you’re letting another one grow up. i thought you’d learned your lesson with me!!!

  2. Charlotte

    I have a child that sleeps like that. I found her sleeping in the closet this morning.

    I’ll look for the bruises next time I see your little girl. If she is climbing when you’re both there, what will she do (and fall from) when no one happens to be watching? Matthew has fallen from the back of every chair we have (sometimes with the chair coming with him!)

  3. Twinlinebackers

    Hopefully she really did take after me – I never fell. Tackler never attempts anything unless he is 100% sure he can do it which leaves him a little cautious which this one obviously doesn’t have but she is pretty sure footed. I’m guessing (hoping) she’ll be like me. Scary for a mom but always sure of what she’s doing.

  4. Brookeh

    Prince is getting so tall. The picture of him sleeping makes him look so grown up to me for some reason. Our kids can’t be that old yet!
    Hannah sure can climb. She definitely is your kid, although I don’t see how you can be so excited about it. I am constantly pulling Chadley off of things. I can’t get her to sit still for the life of me, not even in her high chair! So enjoy, I know you love this kind of stuff. Do you want to add a 16 month old to your brood for a little while? 🙂

  5. Brookeh

    Cute dress on Hannah by the way.

  6. Twinlinebackers

    I know. I can’t believe how big the boys are. This morning I walked out of the bathroom to see Tackler standing in the hallway. I thought he was still asleep so he surprised me and I couldn’t believe what a big kid he was. Why is there a big kid in my hallway when my kids are all so little?

    Nice slam Brookeh. “Why would you be excited about a kid being like you?” =) I’m excited because climbing to the top of everything is fun. Hey, at this age the boys wouldn’t leave electrical sockets alone. I’d rather have a climber.
    And sure, I’d take Chadley any day!

  7. emma jo

    I have a mobile sleeper too…Most nights I have to put the rest of her body on the bed (she falls asleep standing up next to her bed, just resting her head.)
    No wonder we are all so tired by the end of the day.

  8. Rockholme Lodge

    loved the videos of Hannah. I do miss her big time!

    Yes, I also noticed how big Topher looked; and the drawing wasn’t too shabby either.

  9. Brookeh

    You have such a way of twisting my words. You know I love you. And I would have to agree climbings got to be better than electrical sockets.