The Year of the QUFPs

Posted On August 11, 2008

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This seems to be the year for me to tackle all my Quilt UnFinished Projects. Here I am making steady progress on a quilt that has been waiting for ME to quilt it for almost 20 years. The total unquilted time has likely been double that.When I was a Beehive, Bobbi Astle took this queen size quilt top to a RS Enrichment activity as a display. I fell in love and somehow wrangled a babysitting swap. She didn’t make it so who knows how long it sat before landing in my grateful arms.

The quilt top is all hand pieced. The poor quilt sat in a pile of my belongings until early in my marriage when I added a border and a backing – also hand sewn. I “quilted” it with a few LONG basting stitches and a pile of safety pins. Lest you think it looked unfinished, it also got a coordinating dust ruffle and 4 shams and sat atop my guest room bed for 8 years in two different houses. I finally started quilting it about a year ago but stopped because it became obvious that I needed a quilt frame. (duh?) Now it is on a quilt frame and steadily becoming a finished quilt. Poor thing has developed SO much patience.

My list of accomplishments in July was pitiful compared to June. (What got into me that month and where is it now?) August is proving to be even less impressive. It could be a while before I finish and since I have hit a brick wall on my scrapbook … and apparently everything else … I had to show you I really am working on SOMETHING.

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