Last beach day quick before we go again

Posted On August 13, 2008

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Here I am sitting around thinking I was all caught up in my blogging and I just realized I still owe you the rest of the pictures from our last beach day, my birthday and the baseball game. It’s been a busy week and you thought all I ever did was clean house.

As you can see, Pretty Girl is the only one happy about posing with mom. I am never IN the pictures so I was determined, as long as I had a friend along with a camera, to get IN some. The boys did NOT cooperate ~ they made as many pained faces as they could devise.

But it was all an act. Here they are thoroughly enjoying themselves on the rocks with their toddler friend Cassie.

Somehow two hours at the beach requires as much gear as a two day camping trip. My friend carried my baby because her toddler weighed more…though not enough. The stroller was still back heavy so the front wheel only touched the ground every 3rd step or so.

We had a wonderful day. Stay tuned for the rest of the catchup and our next beach day. Oh come on. You knew we’d go sometime this week. Oh, we are going to go through withdrawals come winter.
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  1. Jenn G.

    Happy Birthday, Channing! Glad to see you received items on your list…unicycle…now if I asked for the Robert would think I was going to run away and join the circus!
    Hope it was a great one…BTW, how old ARE you?