Does she like lighthouses?

Posted On August 14, 2008

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In June one of my favorite people landed in the hospital with surgery two days before her birthday. Having spent a birthday in the hospital I figured she deserved as big a day brightener as I could give her. So I whipped up this lighthouse quilt. The quilt itself is pretty basic – just a simple paper piecing ….are you suitably impressed? Ok, it’s really just a panel with a top and bottom border, a back and a binding. It is hand quilted though. The most impressive part is the restraint I used in only quilting the basics instead of quilting it to death – I had a deadline remember?
My husband, bless his observant heart, asked “Does she like lighthouses?” Her kitchen has a 3 foot lighthouse. There is a picture of a light house on her dining room wall, there is a blanket on her couch, and I can’t think what else but at least 3 dozen other lighthouses in her front 3 rooms. It really was a ludicrous question but it gave me insight into our relationship. I won’t elaborate.
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3 Responses to “Does she like lighthouses?”

  1. Charlotte

    Is that like when I picked up Breaking Dawn at the store and my husband said, “Oh, have you read that series? Did you know they were making a movie?” We own all 4books and the Host.

    I wonder if he’d noticed if I had been one of those obsessive fans. Maybe not. No wonder he gets along so well with your husband.

  2. Twinlinebackers

    At least he noticed you were picking up a book at the store. I don’t know that mine would even notice that. Not even if I said “I am buying this book.” Is that being totally unfair?

  3. Mutti

    Yep, you should have been here this week. The mountain we climbed wasn’t Mt Timp, but it was taller. It would have knocked off one item on the list.

    I think you have only been to 2 continents. I thought back hard and cannot recollect having you during any of our forays in either Asia or Africa.

    I’ll climb Pikes Peak with you.

    You may need a mansion for all those quilts you want to make! Couldn’t you just combine all those different techniques into one quilt?

    A kayak is a boat, so you can say you got that one.