Quote: Who does the work?

Posted On August 16, 2008

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“Teachers err out of their exceeding good will and generous zeal. They feel that they cannot do too much for children and attempt to do for them those things which they are richly endowed to do for themselves.” (Vol 6, p 190)

“The less the teacher talks, the more the class will have to think.” GF Husband

“Let the child himself do that which the teacher usually does for him. Let the child by narration supply both the question and answer.” GF Husband

“We owe it to children to let them dig their knowledge, of whatever subject, for themselves out of the fit book; and this for two reasons: what a child digs for is his own possession; what is poured into his ear, like the idle song of a pleasant singer, floats out lightly as it came in, and is rarely assimilated.” (Vol 3, p 177)