CM Book and Supply List

Posted On August 19, 2008

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One well written book on:
~The history of art
~The history of music
~Various biographies of poets, composers, scientists, artists, etc
~One poetry anthology

Substantial amounts of:
~Art prints or coffee table art books
~Field guides
~Living books on various topies

Quality Reference books on:
~Foreign language of your choice
~Religion (English, Greek, Hebrew)
~Each branch of science (astronomy, anatomy, etc)

Other reference materials:

~Simply Grammar

~Paints and paintbrushes (best you can afford)
~Field microscope (Brock Magiscopes)
~Magnifying glass (one per child)
~Microscope (opt)
~Gardening supplies
~Field coats and boots
~Composition books for copy work
~3 ring binders for narrations, pressed flowers, memorized poems, century books
~Musical instruments
~Music to play
~Wood and tools
~Calculator (one per child)
~Computer (opt)