Not entirely sure why I bothered

Posted On August 21, 2008

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I finished the dust ruffle for my baby’s crib, though I am not entirely sure why. It’s not even her room. And she spends precious little time sleeping here because she is a spoiled spoiled child.
The boys slept in this crib for 10 months – from 4 months to 14 months when they moved to a queen bed. A whole 10 months with no dust ruffle. So why make it now?
I guess if you are going to cram 3 kids into a single bedroom you should make it look as darn cute as you can. Hence the pink corner in the frog room. Grandma even provided a pink frog – see it in the crib? This corner is technically the castle corner…see the fire breathing dragon? There is also a dragon hangy thing on the left, a treasure chest under the crib and a castle window mirror that dad needs to hang.
I learned a couple things on this project which I will admit to publicly so I don’t make the same mistake again.
1: I forgot to take into account the thickness of the board the ruffle sits on. I counted it as being paperthin. Which it’s not. So the ruffle is a little short in the corner where it can’t be tugged down. Everywhere else is fine because I cheated and made a 2 sided dust ruffle. No point in a ruffle against the wall and detrimental on the end with the baseboard heater. Just hope I never want it in a different corner.
2: The end you pull of the gathering thread should be on the left of the front. Or the right of the wrong side. So you can pull it as you sew. I never pay attention to that until I’m sitting at the machine. Rather than sew down the other end, I sewed left handed – with the edge against the left side of my presser foot. Gave me a whole new perspective on life. Gave me me empathy for new seamstresses. I am more comfortable writing with my opposite hand than sewing the wrong way. Probably a good exercise in mind development and hand coordination. But not so terrific for straight lines or speedy work.
Despite the plethora of bedding space (an overabundance considering one kid would rather sleep on the floor and one likes to sleep on me), it is finally coming together.


4 Responses to “Not entirely sure why I bothered”

  1. Charlotte

    Looks good! I always intended to make a dust ruffle for my crib. However, 6 kids later the crib is gone and lived its entire life with naked legs. Oh well. (at least my kids aren’t naked . . . most days)

  2. Jenn G.

    Every girl has to have a cute room….looks like you’re accomplishing that!

  3. Rockholme Lodge

    Well done! It’s very pretty….and you’re the only one who will ever see the raised corner.

  4. Peggy

    Keep bothering…because now you can show me how to make a dust ruffle. Even though I’m sorely tempted to put E#2 on a floor mattress pretty soon, too. (when she’s not being spoiled too…)Your blog is refreshing. I love your style and tone. I’m ready to throw off my shoes! And you know, your lists so familiar. I think that we must be related. I too have umpteen undone projects (quilts, even). Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll be there at nursery to enjoy your coloring endeavors!