Jump in … you’re getting wet

Posted On August 28, 2008

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There is a rare moment in every mom’s day when she realizes that ALL of her children are playing together. Happily. In today’s story, the kids were playing in our boat.
What’s that? You didn’t know we had a boat? But, of course.
Since our infamous day on the boat, we’ve had several.

My boatbuilders constructed this particular boat by throwing a quilt over the ironing board. Prince shoved off for a trip around the sewing room in his dingy (it made an appearance in the front hall earlier), but returned to the big boat as any oarsman is wont to do.

The boys encouraged Pretty Girl to join them on the boat. “Get on the boat! You’re getting wet!”

At times she was thrilled to be included. At other times, well, not so thrilled.

In an attempt to catch her playfulness and perhaps a few steps or at least some smiles, I switched to video and instructed her to perform. She sniffled and ignored me. What I got instead was quite a show which could have lasted for hours I believe.

My laughing in the background is from the idea that Prince will perform on command, making up songs as he goes. Should we send him to visit his cousin in Hollywood for a while?


7 Responses to “Jump in … you’re getting wet”

  1. Charlotte

    Is this the coastal living’s equivilant to a fort? Sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you guys are all better from being sick.

    Loved the singing. Lets hear it at Primary this week (Your kids sing great a Primary, BTW) I was hoping to see Little Girl walking. Has it happened yet?

  2. Twinlinebackers

    I hadn’t thought about it but yes, I guess it is. Funny how, though altered by their experiences, the games never change.
    I am so glad to hear they sing in Primary. They know the songs but didn’t know if they sang or not.
    No, she still walks just 2 or 3 steps but usually prefers to crawl.

  3. Roemmele Family

    I love little children’s imagination. But I must admit that I had never heard of a fort/boat before. It must be that I grew up in land-locked AZ.

  4. Chris and Holly

    Awesome boat/tent/fort/children’s imagination and creativity! And yes, we can set Mr. Performer up with an agent whenever he’s ready.

  5. Rockholme Lodge

    Definitely a performer. Even when the stage crew let him down by dropping the curtain over him, he continued his performance nonplussed and quickly reappeared so his audience didn’t miss seeing his smiling mug.

  6. emma jo

    Hey, who knew? we’ve had a boat for years!

  7. Jeanette

    We just got back from camping yesterday and my son has been playing camping all day. He made a tent on his bed etc etc.