Vacation on the Pier

Posted On September 4, 2008

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We are on vacation this week. Let me clarify. Dad is on vacation this week. That means we stay up really late and I sleep in while dad cooks breakfast. I could get used to this. When we aren’t doing something picture worthy, dad is either golfing or working on his workshop with help from the boys. To see how I’ve been occupying all my extra time, check out my other blog. Ok, not yet but hopefully when you check I’ll have posted some pix of my busyness.

Monday he went golfing with his brother, then we went to a barbeque with friends where we used to live. I forgot my camera so no pictures of our faraway friends but we sure enjoyed catching up with them.

Tuesday Dad wanted to make major progress on his shop so the boys and I headed off to New London. There isn’t a ton to do in that city but they are making efforts to improve it. We appreciated the prettied up main street and visited the park they build by the pier.

This seagull was dubbed OUR BIRD and the boys compared other birds we saw with it. If they weren’t too small or too fat, they were the same bird who enjoyed lunch with us. And even sat on Prince’s head. See? He liked us too. (The sun was glaring. Even with sunglasses on my eyes it was bright, hence the squint).

During our lunch Pretty Girl was ….how can I say this without offending those who are madly in love with her? … hmm, I can’t. She was downright obnoxious. I’ve never met a baby more obsessed with food. Or more vocal when she doesn’t get her way. More on this another day.

We gave up and walked down the pier hoping Pretty Girl would fall asleep. She did. So the boys and I found a shady spot and read our Magic School Bus book. We took breaks to talk about the ferries coming and going. Couldn’t read through their horns anyway. We had only two chapters left when the locals drove us away. Well, they didn’t actually drive us away but they talked louder and louder with occasional profanity. How much improvement does a city require before the locals improve as well?

We moved down the pier back toward the car to finish our last two chapters. Then I took some pictures. See my collage cleverly entitled “The Scenes of New London”. Finally, we played a healthy game of “Scare the Birds”.

The pigeons were, um, abundant. And apparently fed too often. I had to honk the horn to get them to move far enough to let us open the door. I do not usually condone scaring the birds for pleasure but thought these particular birds needed a little scaring. I sent Tackler down the pier to try to scare the pigeons in an artistic way for my collage but it didn’t work.

Stay tuned. Next time I get around to it, you get to hear what we did on Wednesday. Can you hardly stand the excitement?


5 Responses to “Vacation on the Pier”

  1. Chris and Holly

    I love that you took a book to read on the pier. Your photos are great!! Is Hannah eating everything now?

  2. Jeannie

    Sounds like you are enjoying your week! It was great to see you on Monday and catch up a bit. I have yet to update my blog—I’m working on it though! I ran out of invitations to the Lia Sophia party I am having next Friday, but I did want to invite you, so if you can come it’s at my house next Fri., Aug 12th at 7pm. Don’t feel like you have to buy anything, just come and visit if you can. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Roemmele Family

    I love the pics, especially the one with Topher and his hat. :o) Also, not all the locals talk that way. :o)

  4. Care Bear

    good job tackler! I’m proud of you for scaring off the pigeons!!

  5. Jana

    I love the picture with the bird on your son’s head! Priceless!