Sing with me now

Posted On September 8, 2008

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This morning while I was making pancakes I was humming a song. I didn’t even know what song I was humming, or realize I was humming because I didn’t know the words. But Tackler did. He supplied each line for me to sing. When we got to the end I asked him what song that was. It was When Jesus Christ Was Baptized – it’s a beautiful song so you should go listen to it if you don’t know it. He spent the rest of breakfast coaching me until I got it. “Now you try to remember what I told you”. Prince commented “That is a beautiful song. It should be sung softly. Not loudly.” Kudos to our Primary President and Music Leader both of whom read my blog for teaching them the songs I don’t even know. Thank you!
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5 Responses to “Sing with me now”

  1. Vi 12s

    that’s awesome- it is a really really pretty song- I hadn’t learned it before being in primary this time around! They definitely do a great job!

  2. Brookeh

    How sweet. I love the its a pretty song, we should sing it softly part. How I miss Primary in the Waterford Ward. Kudos to you for learning a new song!

  3. Roemmele Family

    Thanks for the payday! :o) It helps to know the kids are listening even when there are times when you don’t think they are. I don’t know if I am more excited that they knew the song or that they learned to sing it softly instead of loudly (or screaming it). :o) Kudos to you to though that you would have the atmosphere at home to have songs hummed/sung or whatever you will so that your boys can use the songs outside of Primary (not all families do that but you can tell which families do).

  4. emma jo

    Your boys are so cute..and glad to know that someone is paying attention in primary. I get that song stuck in my head all the time. It’s my favorite so sometimes its the first thing that pops into my head in the morning.

  5. My Full Hands

    Funny, I overheard one of my four year olds telling his sister Jesus was baptized in the river Jorden the other day. That song is so pretty, it must really leave an impression.

    Thanks for the advice about the lying too – that makes a lot of sense!