ADD PICTURES!! Leaf Impressions -> Square Area

Posted On September 11, 2008

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Today the boys learned about area and calculated the square area of leaves. They created graph paper by drawing a 1″ grid on paper. I held the ruler and they drew the lines. Then they collected 3 leaves each and made crayon impressions of the leaves. They made a line on each square that was mostly filled with leaf impressions and counted the squares. This was the square area of each leaf.

Next time:
They need more practice making leaf impressions before we get busy learning so many concepts at one time. They were not able to take ownership of the project because I didn’t explain what we were doing, just directed them on each step. I should have broken it into more sessions so they could understand the point better. Though they “got it”, they will get it more deeply when we do it again.

Idea from Janice VanCleave’s Play and Find Out about Math: Easy Activities for Young Children (ages 4-8)