Hims gots hisself a real job

Posted On September 13, 2008

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While I was collecting dishes to wash and my 4 yr old was emptying the dishwasher he asked why he and his brother have to do all the dishes. Who do you think loaded it in the first place and will load it again as soon as smart aleck is done unloading? We had a frank discussion on THAT topic followed with:

Tackler: I empty the dishwasher and Prince empties the dishwasher.
Mom: Right.
Tackler: And you wash the dishes.
Mom: That’s right.
Tackler: But dad doesn’t do any dishes.
Mom: Yeah. Why is that?
Tackler: Because he has his own job. He goes to work.

Dad walked in (from work) just in time to get sprayed in the face by the one washing the dishes.

Dad’s favorite job IN the house (which he is really really good at doing) is putting Pretty Girl to sleep:

And here she is, putting him to sleep:
Dad is tired because he has been spending every waking, non-working hour working on his workshop. it is almost done and then I get a school room (yeah!). Here he is with our wonderful neighbors who have provided extra hands while I was inside holding a baby instead of sheetrock. (Those spots in the one picture are falling bits of sheetrock. I thought it was pretty cool I caught those midflight. Not as cool when they fall in your eye.)


7 Responses to “Hims gots hisself a real job”

  1. Jeannie

    I love the cute pictures of Pretty Girl and Daddy putting each other to sleep—too cute!

  2. Brookeh

    Question if you don’t mind. Why a school room and not a bedroom for pretty girl? Sorry, curiosity killed the cat.

  3. Charlotte

    Hey, my kids’ daddy has the same job. He has a magic touch for putting babies to sleep.

  4. Jeanette

    That is my husband’s job also. We call him the “baby put- ter-to-sleeper.”

  5. Chris and Holly

    Yeah, I don’t get it. Once daddy’s done with the workshop it will be a workshop- or is it both a workshop and a school room?

    Cute photos though! Nice to see Daddy gets blog coverage too!

  6. emma jo

    I love doing dishes!! I beg Clark all the time to let me do them. But not really.
    I am so excited for this work to be done in your house. It’s really just been too long since I came over to just hang out and make my lists.

  7. Jenn G.

    When we remodeled one of many of our Omaha homes, Robert made a concoction to help me help him hold the drywall, I think because I was 6 months pregnant….here’s the solution if your neighbor isn’t home…. take two 2 x 4’s and make a “T” shape with them. (They have to be as tall as the ceiling that you’re drywalling). Then you hold the one 2 x 4 and the other holds up the ceiling drywall. Vois la! :-)Maybe you just might want to keep that a secret. šŸ™‚