You want me to make HOW many?

Posted On September 14, 2008

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I saw the cutest baskets online and threw them on my to do list because….well, cause they were the cutest baskets. I need baskets to organize the cupboards in my kitchen alcove but most store bought baskets are the wrong dimensions. I figured I could customize these and make 20 of them. I’m a clever girl so I started with one. It only took me a month. After the first evening of work it looked like this:

A few weeks later it looks like this:

What do you mean you don’t see a difference? Actually there is a difference. I ironed the top hem, topstitched it, sewed the lining to the outside along the 4 corners to make channels and stuck cereal boxes in it. Highly technical huh? Despite the tutorial convincing me to hope the interfacing would make it stiff enough, it was as floppy as my excuses for not doing the last hour of work 3 weeks ago. The cereal boxes work quit well but I will not be making 20 of these. I do get to cross it off my to do list though!

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4 Responses to “You want me to make HOW many?”

  1. Care Bear

    thats a very cute basket. but the little angel in the background is even cuter!!!

  2. Charlotte

    Man, I got all excited, I have been looking for a great basket. Then I found out it isn’t super sturdy. If you have ever been in my house, you know that was the death knoll for that idea.

  3. Jenn G.

    Cute, Channing!

  4. Chris and Holly

    REALLY really cool!!!