Malpa Junior

Posted On September 16, 2008

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You can take the girl away from the mom…
but you can’t take the mom out of the girl.

Those who knew me when I was Pretty Girl’s age will understand why my great aunt nicknamed me Malpa ~ Polish for Monkey. I climbed on everything. The higher the better. Apparently, the Malpa gene is heriditary.

Whenever Dad can give me a break from the kids, he does. That gives me time to clean, sew, organize, read, scrapbook, mountain bike, or sit around reading all your blogs. Sometimes when he goes, he takes the camera. And sometimes he takes a LOT of pictures. And eventually I get around to showing them to you. This is the equivalent of making you sit around watching my slides.

Would you like me to narrate them? Here is my baby smiling. Here is my kid jumping. Here are my kids hugging each other. Aren’t you glad I’m here to narrate? Oh fine. Just look. But then you better comment so I know you carefully analyzed all 36 pictures.

8 Responses to “Malpa Junior”

  1. Charlotte

    Gotta love in depth narration. Almost as good as witty commentary

  2. Vi 12s

    man- you think that’s a lot of pictures! You should see my iphoto library!

  3. Brookeh

    I finally learned how to do this on photoshop. Is there an easier way to do it? I think the boys are so cute with pretty girl. And I love the one of her waving. There you have my proof that I examined all 36 pictures. 🙂

  4. Twinlinebackers

    Oh, I’ll have to get a video of her waving. It really is so cute. She waves to anyone coming or going. I make my picture collages on Picasa. It’s also a MUCH faster way to download from your camera or memory card.

  5. Roemmele Family

    Wow…she is SO tiny to be climbing like that. My girls have a hard time getting up…I am SO impressed. :o) Cute pics!

  6. Jeannie

    Cute! I recognize that fun play area, looks like a fun time spent at the Crystal Mall! Dad is brave, I don’t think Matt would willingly, on his own, step foot in the mall with the kids, even if it was just to play in the kids corner!!

  7. Care Bear

    So I would like a copy of the picture of pretty girl and prince. the one I would like is 2nd row from the bottom. third one in. Tell those cute kids tante misses them!!

  8. Anonymous

    One reader was heard saying, “those are the most beautiful children in the world.”