Sleep Baby Sleep

Posted On September 25, 2008

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Sleep, baby, sleep,Our cottage vale is deep.The little lamb is on the green,With snowy fleece so soft and clean,Sleep, baby, sleep. (If you don’t know this tune, check out this fabulous site that will play it for you.) Since everyone is so confused about our construction plans and so worried about where this angel will sleep, I am dedicating a whole post to clearing up the confusion. That and I had to find some use for this precious sleeping picture.

We currently have a room upstairs that is partially finished. The design was a little funky – you have to walk through the family bath to get to it – the 1st owners used it as a sewing room (though the horrors of laying out a quilt in a room with subfloor, no heat and nothing cute on the walls sends non creative shivers down my arms), the 2nd and 3rd owners (that’s us) deemed it a woodshop.

This worked very nicely until we had 3 children in one bedroom so out of necessity we are turning the woodshop into a schoolroom. “But that doesn’t make any sense” you say. To that I say “So what?” 3 children sleep just fine in a tiny little bedroom. I have bigger problems. The boys started Kindergarten this year and our school stuff is spread between 3 rooms and toys are spread between 18 rooms. Some of you might wonder how toys can be spread through 18 rooms in a 10 room house. I’m more concerned with making it stop.

So back to the point, what the heck are we doing to rooms and where will I put all the decor for Pretty Girl’s room? The first question is easy. The upstairs woodshop will become a school room. The half a garage will be come a woodshop. To answer the second question, I will quote Teyve from Fiddler on the Roof. When asked how a certain tradition started he says “That I can tell you in a word….” Find his response and you’ll have the answer to question #2.


8 Responses to “Sleep Baby Sleep”

  1. Charlotte

    OK, even though I tease you about the three in a room, I feel I have to admit- Kirsti was in the boys room for two years and Joseph shared their room for 2, too. It really wasn’t a problem.

    Maybe my brain is still fried from cleaning all day for book club last night, but I can’t figure out how the quote answers the question or which question qualifies as #2.

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Q2: Where will her room eventually be? There is a word missing from Tevya’s response. He says he can tell us in a word. Then what does he say? That’s the part that answers it.

  3. Charlotte

    I thought I knew the missing word, but it didn’t fit so I googled it and I was right, but I still don’t see how it works, unless it rhymes with the word (addition maybe?)

    Like I said, I am really tired so maybe I need to try to figure it out tomorrow.

  4. Twinlinebackers

    Opps. I stand corrected. Thanks to Charlotte I’ve been replaying the song in my head and I realized I got it wrong. Sorry. It’s been over a year since I listened to it for 2,400 straight miles. Seriously. Nonstop.

    Here is the correct line: “How did this tradition start?….I’ll tell you. ______” Fill in THAT blank and you’ll have your answer…if you’re still here and pretending to care.

  5. Charlotte

    Now I got it! That is the answer to a lot of my questions.

  6. Brookeh

    Well alright then. That is a beautiful picture of Hannah by the way. So about your question, I just used picasa for my collage, like you told me to. But I found that the scattered pictures could be moved before I pasted it so that they weren’t all on top of each other. I couldn’t figure out the slide show on picasa so I used slideroll instead. So anyway thanks for the compliment, but it’s just about the same!

  7. emma jo

    You are funny…and I mean that in a humorous way, not a strange way…but you are strange sometimes too, in a funny way, not a weird way. 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    could that baby be anymore beautiful? NO!