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Posted On September 29, 2008

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Consider this video a tutorial for how I teach my children from a very early age how fun it is to make messes and watch mom scurry around trying to pick them up almost as fast as they can make them. I have a better, longer video but it was too long to put on here. I braved YouTube but now can’t figure out where to put the code. If I just throw it in with the other html, blogger won’t save this post. If you can give me videos for dummies, I’ll post it. Edit to note: I got it! See below.

Ok, so no one actually tagged Pretty Girl but I thought my answers to this tag would be really boring and Pretty Girl’s answers might include some things that theoretically should go in her baby book and some day she might want to go through all my blog posts and fill in that darn book.

Someday I will be the middle child so mom is doing her best to spoil me rotten while I’m still the baby of the family.

I usually want to feed myself (see video if mom ever downloads the latest pictures). If mom manages to avoid my hands and gets a bite in my mouth on her own, I take it out to inspect it.

I wonder why the boys are always toting me back to mom when I try to play with their block towers.

I love everyone and love to make them happy. I smile and flirt and make them think I love them more than anyone else.

I care about food. Mom tried to keep food away from me for as long as possible but at 4 months I squawked when she ate the last bite of something. By 6 months I squawked at the first bite. About a month ago mom gave up and started feeding me just about anything so I just reach over and grab whatever I want. And nobody is faster or more determined than me when I see food.

I always hurt my brothers. (I was tired of thinking of answers so I asked the boys on this one and they said she always hurts them. It’s true. You’d think it would be the other way around but they are often, not always, gentle with her. She returns the favor by plowing right through them and she has always really loved Prince’s hair. As a tiny babe she loved to give it a good yank.)

I am not a timid child. Sweet? Yes. Loving? Yes. Timid? Not on your life.

I remember life in the pre-earth existence and living with my Father in Heaven.

I believe I am the center of my daddy’s world (As she gets less dependent on milk, she is becoming more a daddy’s girl. I’m going to lose another one. =< ).

I dance in my mommy’s arms when music is blaring and mom remembers sweeping the kitchen floor 3 times a day is her only form of exercise.

I sing myself to sleep when mom has the gall to put me to bed still awake. I also sing during family singing time and at church.

I don’t always get my way but I am pretty darn adamant about what I want and can growl with the best of them when I don’t.

I argue with anyone who underestimates the determination of a girl with two older brothers.

I write not at all. Mom tried to get me to scribble on my great grandma’s birthday card but all I wanted to do was eat the pen.

I win at the puzzle game. (see video above)

I lose the going to sleep battle on a regular basis.

I wish we had dozens of kids in our family (that’s the boys’ wish; I assume she agrees. One day Prince complained “Why is Heavenly Father sending us kids SO Slooowly?”)

I listen when mom tells me to fold my arms. (Seriously, before the prayers at church today I told her to fold her arms and she did!!!! and even kept them folded for a full nano-second both times.)

I don’t understand why mom won’t let me push buttons and touch the needle on her machine while she sews (and I don’t understand how I was able to sew with twins on my lap more easily than I can with one little girl)

I can be found near the food, aka Mommy.

I regret nothing. I worry about nothing. I am scared of nothing. I have finally been put in the shower enough times that I am not even afraid of water pummeling me anymore.

I need to stop growing up so quickly before I break my mother’s heart.

I forget to use the sign language mom has taught me. (Why do my kids all talk early but won’t ever give me back the signs I teach them? At least with Pretty Girl I already know the signs. With the boys I worked so hard to learn them and they wouldn’t even throw me a crumb before speaking full sentences. I finally gave up since and waited until they were old enough to teach the signs to me.)

I am happy 99.9% of the time. (I hope her happy demeanor stays. I am amazed by how friendly and outgoing she is. People always ask if she is always this happy. She really is always happy. Of course, her every whim is granted ….)

Tag, you’re it. All you 10 month old bloggers out there, your turn.


3 Responses to “Pretty Girl was tagged!”

  1. Charlotte

    Very cute. I put that I win at puzzle games when I was tagged. Although PG would beat me at that one.

  2. Janie Smith

    love it! She is such a little queen!

  3. Roemmele Family

    That is a way too cute way to do the tag. Very clever!