Softball Season Soars to a Finish

Posted On October 4, 2008

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Dad’s softball team finished their season this week. Sadly, I committed blogger sin and forgot the camera but in honor of the historic event, I am posting pictures from his game a week or two ago. I promise when I wasn’t taking pictures of my kids I was watching the game intently.

I am disappointed in the fellow wives and girlfriends. I am the only fan consistently at the games. Actually there are two moms of the players and some old guy who might be a dad who attend almost as faithfully but where are the wives? Home cooking dinner or something? Not me. I have my priorities straight. Sports THEN food.

I have to admit, I am not the BIGGEST fan there. That honor goes to my daughter. At 10 months old, she knows when to cheer at a ball game. She clapped and yelled at all the appropriate times. That’s my girl!

Ok seriously, I was contemplating bed at 9pm but Pretty Girl wasn’t. After I put her to bed at 11pm I decided to eat the bowl of cereal that I had wanted at 8pm. While eating I checked blogs and realized I really owed an update and now it’s taking so long to load these videos that it’s now 3 hrs later and we wonder why I don’t wake up in the morning. You’d think with old age would come a little wisdom.


5 Responses to “Softball Season Soars to a Finish”

  1. Charlotte

    I noticed the same thing when Peter played intramural sports and church games. Where were the other families cheering on the team? I would love for Peter to have time to play again. It is fun to watch him enjoying himself. If only we could watch them golf . . .

  2. Twinlinebackers

    I know Charlotte and it seems that the golf comment was a shot across the bow. Just for the record I golfed with Peter on the night in question and we golfed until it was dark. The evidence was left on Red course holes 7,8,and 9, where the three of us lost about 9 golf balls. I will swear in court that Peter was golfing. On the other hand when I found out that Channing was at the Schrmans house, I talked Peter into going to eat at Paul’s Pasta. I give credit to Peter when he made the choice to go home and be in his words with his “beautiful wife and wonderful children.” So if there was an evil spirit it was Patrick Gauruder wanting to eat dinner. I will swear to this in a court document if needed to gain Peter name back. IT WAS DARK AND WE WERE GOLFING!!!!!!!!!

  3. emma jo

    hhmmmm, dinner or sports? Can’t I get food AT the sporting event? That would be even better. mmm, nachos.

  4. Chris and Holly


  5. Rockholme Lodge

    It may have taken several hours out of your life, but I enjoyed watching little Hannah being her everso cheerful self!