Golfing Makes My Heart Sing

Posted On October 8, 2008

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At our church, we have a wonderful annual event called the Primary Program where all the 3-12 year olds are in charge of presenting our Sacrament meeting program. Christ said to become as a little child and the spirit is so strong when the children sing and bear testimony for the rest of us.

Since kids will inevitably be kids, my absolutely not at all shy kids get shy when it comes time to give a talk at church. So what is a parent to do? Bribe of course. And what better to bribe them with than something they have been BEGGING to do. Every time dad leaves the house with a certain bag over his shoulder I am left with two puddles of tears. “You are not old enough to golf on a real course” is apparently the most bitter of English phrases. So dad, with his uncanny ability to sweet talk his way into whatever he wants, got permission to take my four year olds golfing on a real course.

Prince was a champ – sang his songs and spoke his part beautifully. Tackler debated and contemplated and decided he could not be bribed. (Boy, that kid is as stubborn as his dang mother.) So Prince waltzed off with dad on his own and Tackler took it like a man.


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4 Responses to “Golfing Makes My Heart Sing”

  1. emma jo

    I really did try my hardest…I believe I actually had my hand in a little claw resting on his seat so he couldn’t sit down during the songs. Poor boy.

  2. Valerie

    I think there should be a rule where the kids can’t be MORE stubborn than the mom. I bet he was cute anyway. =)

  3. Meg

    Apparently golf is an effective motivator at all ages!

  4. Charlotte

    My heart broke for him. I could see him fighting between the want to golf and the fear of standing up and saying his part.

    Glad Prince had fun. I had totally forgotten about the golfing age rules. Glad they made an exception for you guys!