Take a Walk Around the Sun

Posted On October 8, 2008

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Yes! The Apologia elementary book “Exploring Creation with Astronomy” book by Jeannie Fulbright has a great activity: “Take a Walk Around the Sun.”

“You need at least two people and space. Place an object on the floor/ground and call it the sun. One person is the earth and walk in a circle around the sun. Now another is the moon and walks in a circle around the earth while the earth circles the sun. The same side of the moon always faces the earth, so while the moon, be certain that you are always facing the person that is the earth.

Every time a planet goes all the way around sun it has done one orbit (revolution)

. The planets are also rotating (spinning) at the same time. Now do this: just as before put out a sun, pretend you are a planet. Before you begin to walk around the sun, start turning around and around in place. Just twirl in place, then begin to walk around sun while you twirl a the same time! ” (shortened and paraphrased a bit)

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  1. Brookeh

    Hey I used this in my lesson plan for an assignment. I got it from brighthub.com. I had to make it original so I only used part of their suggestion. It was for third graders though so for their math and writing skills I had them chart out how long it would take a space shuttle to get to the moon and sun if it was going 17500 mph. Then for their writing skills I had them write postcards to a friend about their visit to the moon, sun or earth. What do you think?