Keep holding your breath

Posted On October 10, 2008

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Here is another “I promise I am working on something” picture. This is a crazy quilt from the scraps from my wedding. The color selection looks a little bizarre for a wedding when you through it in a quilt – especially when you throw it in a crazy quilt, but trust me, it was pretty. And soon I’ll have a pretty quilt.
I foundation pieced six 16″ crazy squares, then cut them in quarters and added sashing. Now I need to put sashing between the six repieced squares, add a back, and quilt and bind it. You don’t want to know how many quilts I have in various stages of needing quilting and binding. See that list in the margin called “Projects on the Table”? At the moment, that’s only half of what I’m working on. I need to update that list with the half a dozen projects that are literally on my table, or ironing board, floor, or bag to work on at a friend’s house. I wonder if I worked on ONE project at a time if I would be able to add anything to my DONE list.
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