Hats off to you

Posted On October 12, 2008

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This little baby is becoming quite a daddy’s girl. This week whenever dad has called we have passed the phone between me and boys and she has watched carefully and chanted “daddy”. If I hang up without letting her talk to dad, she repeats daddy for a few minutes. On the other hand, if I give her the phone, she listens, jabbers, then promptly eats the phone.

Today she did something that astounded me. We were at a maritime museum and the 3 kids were playing in a large boat. Tackler put a sailor hat on her that fit her perfectly. It took her several attempts to get it off. And then she put it back on! I feel like one of those new mothers who thinks their baby is so amazing – you know, “My 8 month old can crawl! She’s so incredibly smart!” But I almost fell off my seat. I asked aloud, “Did she really just put on her own hat?” Fortunately, the only person in hearing distance was me and I responded that yes, she did. I looked around the room for someone else to confirm what I’d seen and saw two grandmotherly types admiring ‘the little one’. They didn’t seem shocked that she put on her own hat though so I quit talking to myself and went back to reading my book while the children fished for my supper.

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5 Responses to “Hats off to you”

  1. Vi 12s

    oh man- you have a super baby on your hands- you better watch out!

  2. Charlotte

    My kids have mastered taking off the hats. Not so much putting them back on.

  3. Brookeh

    She is so cute sleeping on Daddy’s shoulder. So sweet! And yeah for hats and milestones like walking. Maybe she will be a hat lover like me, but better at wearing them!

  4. Valerie

    I’m glad that when you talk to yourself, you also respond. =)

  5. Twinlinebackers

    So I’m still talking to myself about this. The next day when she put another hat on her head I realized my ecstatic – ness was not that she COULD put on a hat. But that she DID!