How silly our imperfections

Posted On October 18, 2008

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Tonight while Dad was reading the Book of Mormon, Tackler was laying on the couch with his head on my lap while I fingered his hair. It is soft and shiny. So smooth. With gorgeous brilliant blonde highlights. It occurred to me that if it was my hair I would snub the darker spots and complain that my hair was too dark. His hair is darker than the toeheaded blonde I was at his age. But I looked on him and his head of hair as absolute perfection. I hoped with all my heart that he does not some day find complaint with his hair. I hope he always sees it as beautiful and as perfect as I see it.
And I saw the parallel with our Father in Heaven. He looks at us with the same love and adoration with which I view my son. More even. When we belittle ourselves for ridiculous imperfections he must shake His head and say “But don’t you see how amazing you are?” To Him, we are gorgeous. Why do we fixate on a little brown patch? Or compare ourselves to someone else’s toe-headedness? We are adored just the way we are and our Father in Heaven wouldn’t change a hair.
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7 Responses to “How silly our imperfections”

  1. Charlotte

    I totally agree. About not fixating on the bad andthat your son’s hair is beautiful.

  2. emma jo

    Beautiful sentiments. I try to remember that and I hope more than anything, that my daughters grow up knowing that as well.

  3. Anonymous

    your husband must be hot!!

  4. Janie Smith

    excellent point. I think it must sadden the Lord when we complain about the things he has blessed us with.

    That little guy is a handsome boy!

  5. Brookeh

    This is very insightful. Thank you. And I too love that boys hair. 🙂

  6. Jeannie

    Thanks! I love how you put that. I compare myself much too often, or just find things in myself that I would change. I think I need to keep in mind your little reminder of our Heavenly Father’s love more often! On a completely different note, for some reason I don’t have your email address!! Otherwise I would send you an email instead of posting like this. Anyway, can you tell me about that google blog alert thing you mentioned to me? The one that tells me when a blog has been updated? I am getting tired of checking every blog just to see if it has been updated, it would be nice to know which of my friends/family blogs were updated. Is it something I put on my blog or on my computer? Anyway, will you email me and let me know how to do it? Thanks!! (

  7. Care Bear

    This is for Panzer….You’re one handsome almost 5 year old boy! I hope you know how much I love you and miss you. Wish Pookie and I could come visit you more often!! Love you lots!!