Go Boston College Poptarts!

Posted On October 24, 2008

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If you college football fans haven’t browsed the High Fructose Corn Syrup aisle at the grocery store lately, you are missing a serious treat. Brown sugar cinnamon Poptarts now come embossed with team logos. My husband and I laughed over them in the store until I pointed out they included Penn State. He was sold. I was chagrined. The boys were ecstatic. HFCS, Red dye #14 AND football all in one? Woohoo.
While dad was at work, the boys begged. Permission was granted as long as mom promised to take a picture so he could see what team they got. Prince scored big time. “We like the Boston College Eagles but we don’t like those stinkin’ Philaedelphia Eagles.” The brainwashing and the poisening are both complete. What a nostalgic moment to be remembered in the annuls of history.
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I am posting these videos because I can’t get enough of watching baby videos. Pardon the whining in the second video. I am holding a bowl of icecream and Pretty Girl desperately wants me to share.


6 Responses to “Go Boston College Poptarts!”

  1. Brookeh

    Yeah your kids have come to the dark side! Wahahahah (evil laugh).

  2. Jeannie

    Ha, ha, I love your comments on the high fructose corn syrup! I am constantly reading labels and it’s in nearly EVERYTHING! I end up paying more for the organic or all natural snacks and foods. Anyway, I’m glad your boys enjoyed their indulgence!

  3. Charlotte

    They had HFCS in them and you didn’t call me?!? You know how I love that stuff.

  4. emma jo

    um, brown sugar pop tarts with frosting are my favorite kind…if i’m eating pop tarts.

  5. Meg

    You are hilarious! I mean…who reads the ingredients on the Pop-Tarts? You are only askin’ for trouble.

  6. Care Bear

    even TANTE doesn’t like the frosted ones. too sweet for me!!! hope you’re having fun with Bahpa. I expect PICTURES!!!